McNally Contractors (2011) Ltd. performs its work in accordance with all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal environmental laws and regulations and further uses a dedicated team to regularly inspect, audit, review and enhance the performance of the work.  Our in-house environmental staff allows us the ability to provide Environmental Construction Operations Plans (ECO), train employees regarding site sensitivities, performed erosion and sediment control inspections (ESC) with a Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC), and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions and fast reaction times to respond to critical situations.  This team provides a framework to support and provide continuous improvement to our projects.

Parts of these improvements are our recycling of asphalt and concrete from our projects. We sort out asphalt, crush it and recycle it back into our plant to be re-used. For the concrete that makes it back to our Recycle Yard we sort it, crush it and work it back into our jobsites. This way of recycling keeps the waste out of our landfills, lets us use it in a number of different ways on the jobs and it saves on using our natural resources.